San Diego Youth Science Class for Winner Classroom

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San Diego Youth Science

Thank you FOPBE for supporting all students’ participation in San Diego Youth Science
(SDYS) custom programs. Some of the content students have and are exploring this
year includes:

● Energy Transfer, Waves, and Bioacoustics – physics of sound energy and the
impact of human-made noise on marine mammals
● Habitats, Adaptations, and Lifecycles – students explore the “fouling” habitat
and all of the invertebrate animals that attach to docks and piers
● Communication, Electricity, & Electromagnetic Radiation – explore electric
charge, radio waves, and the transfer of digital information
● Ecology, Energy Flow, & Food Webs – grade-level dissections of California
Market Squid, Mackerel Fish, or Spiny Dogfish Sharks!
● Rocky Intertidal Habitat – field trips to the tidepool to find diverse algae and

Does this sound like something your child would like more of?
IF SO, BID with other families to bring an additional session of SDYS to your child’s classroom!

Date and time: TBD with the PBE classroom teacher and SDYS. All materials are provided.

About San Diego Youth Science
Founded in 2015 in Pacific Beach, SDYS designs and teaches custom science programs to inspire scientific thinking about the world through hands-on,student-driven experimentation and engagement in the process of science. All science sessions are grade-level adapted and aligned with the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS). The SDYS curriculum is developed utilizing current scientific phenomena, research, and discovery to help all students and teachers find relevance and understanding in the process of science, curriculum is developed by utilizing current scientific phenomena, research, and discovery.

Value: $400