It’s hard to believe, but the school year is almost over. Before we put away the lunchboxes and backpacks and start focusing on summer camps, vacation, and beach days, we need to wrap up a few important things. This includes finding volunteers for some open positions next year.

If you are new to PBE (or if you’ve been here for years!) and unsure how to get involved, we’d love for you to consider helping out in one or more of the areas below. Many of these jobs take very little time, and come with quite a bit of support and assistance to show you the ropes.

Please take a minute to read the open positions described below and let us know if you can help. The success of the school relies on parent volunteers—we’d love to have you join the team!

Volunteer Needs for 2018/2019

Pizza Wednesday – We need a volunteer to co-lead the event each Wednesday with our existing pizza guru, Camille Morquecho, who will continue next year. Time commitment is an hour most Wednesdays at the end of the school day (12-1 pm), plus minimal additional time for organizing. (Plus the added, valuable benefit of pizza!)

Garden Coordinator – We’re looking for a volunteer to help manage garden operations. We have many dedicated parents helping to run our beautiful garden, but we need a main point of contact to organize its overall care. Someone with garden experience is preferred, but this year’s garden coordinator can help train anyone who is willing to learn! Time commitment varies throughout the year, but will require someone to have availability to come to campus regularly.

Contribution Drive – We are looking for a volunteer to coordinate our annual contribution drive at the start of the school year. This is a fun, easy way to make a big impact through one of our most important and low pressure fundraisers.

Halloween Carnival – We need a chair and committee members to organize and plan our exciting new Halloween Carnival, which is taking the place of Penguin Pride night.  We envision this as being a small-scale fundraiser with an emphasis on fun. If you love Halloween, this is a great one for you!

Monster Dash – We need a chair and committee members to organize and plan our revamped and rebranded Turkey Trot, which will now be closer to Halloween and have some fun lower level incentives. You don’t need to RUN to run this fundraiser!

Sweetheart Dance – Calling all romantics!  We need a chair to organize and plan this Valentine’s Day-themed dance for parents and children.  What a fun way to spend an evening with your kids!

Book Fair – Our amazing book fair volunteer, Stacey O’Neill, will be in her last year at PBE and we are seeking someone to train during the book fair next year and to lead the operation the following school year. This is a fun way to help raise funds and spend time in our lovely little library, and Stacey will walk you through the entire process.

Yearbook – Each year a parent helps gather pictures and uses online software to get the book ready for print. This job is typically quiet until the spring, when the yearbook coordinator starts the process of gathering pictures from room parents. The yearbook is a very fun, rewarding project and you’ll help create a keepsake treasured by the kids.

Missoula Children’s Theater – We have one chair and are seeking an extra volunteer or two to help organize this awesome program. The Missoula company sends two directors (artists that travel the country from school to school) to PBE for one week in the fall (Nov. 26-30, 2018) and FOPBE volunteers help organize tryouts, rehearsals, and the big show on Friday. This is a very rewarding position and a great experience to work with the cast and crew of students and Missoula’s talented directors.

Art Cards – Help us raise money by handling the logistics of placing orders for cards and stationary designed by our kids. This takes place early in the year, it’s super easy and a minimal and flexible time commitment. The project raises hundreds of dollars for PBE and results in lovely holiday gifts to give to family and friends.

Work Party – We need volunteers to take on and run the work party. This is a dedicated time where parent volunteers can provide help to teachers and office staff by making copies, cutting, sorting, and even using the laminating machine—who doesn’t love the laminating machine? This is a great way to give teachers and the office a little more help. Time commitment varies based on needs but is generally a half hour to an hour a week, along with keeping up on FOPBE’s supply of paper.

We are also open to new projects and ideas. If these jobs don’t suit your volunteer needs, let us know! Our school runs on our amazing community and we are always looking for volunteers to support our programs, so please reach out if you have time to help. If you have any questions or thoughts on these jobs, email Camby Kaltsas and Sarah Weber at