Pacific Beach Elementary is a vibrant school humming with activity and energy. We have a before-school jogging club, a flourishing garden, diverse after-school activities, a weeklong theatre experience, and hands-on science and art enrichment enjoyed by every student at the school.

Many of these wonderful opportunities for our children are the result of behind-the-scenes work from our many parent volunteers.

To keep them going, we need your help—specifically with the programs listed below. If we don’t find volunteers to take on these programs for the 2017/2018 school year, many of them will disappear. That means no after school enrichment, in-school assemblies, or Missoula Children’s Theatre, to name a few.

Please take a look at each of the open positions described below. The current organizer of each will be happy to answer any questions and tell you everything they know about the position. Please help out if you can!

After School Enrichment Coordinator

Contact: Camby Kaltsas,

This is a year-round position organizing and managing after-school activities, which include art lessons, CYT theatre classes, computer coding, and the wood bus. Great for someone who enjoys organizing and project management.

  • Much of the work can be done from home, although coordinator does need to be onsite when the new round of after-school classes begin.
  • Work with the main office to coordinate space, class dates, ensure current background requirements are met, etc.    
  • Coordinate classes for three sessions per year with new and existing after school programs by getting flyer approvals, class rosters, etc.
  • Distribute flyers to teacher mailboxes as well as to PrimeTime, Klassic Kids and office staff.  Also set up registration envelopes and post flyers in office.
  • This position is also the point person for parents at times, answering questions, resolving conflicts, etc.


Assembly Coordinator

Contact: Rachelle Hayward,

This could be a year-round position, or the planning and organizing of  school assemblies could be set within the first few months of the year, with minimal follow up once the assemblies are set.

  • Find possible sources of free education assemblies. There is an existing binder with lots of information and ideas.
  • Contact assembly providers to determine dates, availability, and any assembly space requirements.  We typically provide about one assembly a month, but due to spring testing April and possibly May do not have assemblies.
  • Work with PBE office staff to confirm times and dates that don’t conflict with anything on the PBE master schedule. Submit a request to the principal to finalize and confirm an assembly. (Simple one-page form.)



Contact: Gena Vaden,

Gather photos and content and then design and produce the yearbook, sold to students and parents at the end of the year. Wonderful for someone who enjoys photography and graphic design.

  • Can be done at home during school or non-school hours.  Photos are needed for all school events, but can be collected from any parent.  Most work occurs between February – April.
  • Get as much help as you need from room parents and the Student Council.
  • Currently using Jostens, but coordinator can choose the supplier.


Turkey Trot

Contact: Amanda Marzion,

The Turkey Trot is a school fundraiser held in mid-November. The Turkey Trot has a jog-a-thon format, in which kids get sponsored to run laps at the school.

  • The work involves organizing the details of the event, promoting it among the students and families, and helping raise money via sponsors.
  • Some work is required after the event, managing donations and planning the optional celebratory party in March.
  • Tracking of lap cards and funds raised by each student.


Missoula Children’s Theatre

Contact: Zoe Sidell,

Missoula Children’s Theatre is a traveling theatre company that comes to the school for ONE week, usually in late November.

  • Arrange housing for the Missoula Children’s Theatre directors and organize the details of their weeklong stay in San Diego.
  • Communicate audition and rehearsal information to parents.
  • Plan intermission concessions, usually donated baked goods from PBE families.



Contact: Amanda Marzion,

The yearly PBE auction is an adults-only event held in April that’s typically the biggest fundraiser of the year. It is preceded by an online auction. This can be done as a team, with one person managing committees for each of the different responsibilities.

  • Contact local businesses to arrange auction item donations.
  • Plan the party, including food, drinks, any music or entertainment, and live auction items.
  • Work with classrooms to come up with class auction items and teacher features (auction items that involve a special experience with one of PBE’s teachers).


President and VP of Fundraising

Contact: Heather Worms, and Amanda Marzion,

Please contact Heather Worms for details and more information if interested.


Box Tops

Contact: Gena Vaden,

Manage the Box Tops 4 Education fundraiser ( This could be done by a middle school student as part of community service.

  • Send flyers to classrooms reminding students to collect and bring in box tops.
  • Gather box tops from classrooms or the office.
  • Count box tops and mail them to the organization in exchange for cash for the school.