For the third year in a row, the students at PBE have an exciting and interactive way to learn about science, the environment, and conservation through the six-week Climate Kids program.

Climate Kids uses science activities, storytelling, and art to educate children about climate change.

Funded independently of PBE, this marks the first school year every class at PBE experienced Climate Kids.

Climate Kids comes to PBE students thanks to the hard work and determination of Dr. Amber Pairis, mother of a first and third grader at PBE.

Amber is the Director of Climate Science Alliance-South Coast (Alliance), covering Southern California and Baja. The Climate Kids program was started in 2013 in Sacramento and has grown to include multiple cities and schools across the U.S. and Mexico.

“The Climate Kids program inspires students to be leaders,” Amber said. 

“They understand they are part of a much larger network of individuals who are committed to taking care of the earth and safeguarding our communities from the impacts of a changing climate. I am incredibly thankful to the teachers, staff, and families of PBE who have welcomed the program,” she said.

So far this year, PBE kids have learned about local coastal ecosystems like tide pools, kelp forests, and wetlands. They’ve been inspired by the “big kids,” Mission Bay High School students who serve as Climate Kids Ambassadors. With the help of artist Joan Green, the entire school is working on a school-wide art project as well as individual art projects.

The fun isn’t over yet! All PBE students will go on a field trip to Cabrillo National Monument. There will also be a reception at Pacific Beach Taylor Library to showcase the students’ artwork on March 22 from 4 to 6pm.

“I hope that we can continue bringing Climate Kids to PBE for many years to come,” Amber said. 

The goal of Climate Kids is not to scare students about the doom and gloom of climate change, but to give them hope that they can help the environment no matter how young they might be.

“If anyone in the PBE community has been inspired by their children’s stories of Climate Kids activities and wants to work with us to continue programming at PBE we welcome your ideas and energy,” Amber said.